Our Canine Wellness area feature the independent services* of two amazing veterinarians. Holistic DVM Dr. Heather O’Leary will be offering acupuncture and chiropractic for dogs and Cindy Brody of CinergE, who is a nationally known and gifted animal healer and communicator. A canine massage therapist will also be available to work with you and your dogs.

* These services will be independent of Dream Dogs Training Center and must be booked through their individual websites and contact information seen below.

Canine Communication

Cindy Brody

Cindy Brody is an internationally renowned Animal Communicator, Reiki master, practicing and teaching Reiki for over 25 years.  Cindy is the originator of CinergE, an energetic healing modality that can be applied to all living beings. She has been practicing CinergE with all creatures great and small for over thirty years. Cindy helps to bridge the communication gap between dogs and their people in all stages of life, whether it be behavioral, illness or relationship therapy. Through her animal communication skills she helps to answer many unanswered questions, building stronger bonds between people and their fur families.

Cindy also helps to bust behavioral issues with a simple training system she calls, “The Happy Dog Therapy.’ It combines all of her easy to learn tools, CinergE, to help an animal to feel more self-secure.

She also helps people when it’s time to say goodbye to their dogs, whether it be old age or a sudden illness, through communicating their needs. Cindy also can talk to all animals even after they cross over the rainbow bridge.

Cindy Brody made a promise to herself as a child that she would help to make the world a better place for people and their animals. She had no idea how she was going to do it, but her love of animals is all that she needed. Through loving animals she strengthened her intuition. Through loving to touch them and ease their physical pain she learned to share the energy in her hands.

Cindy is the author of “CinergE: Energy Healing and Communication for Horses” She loves speaking and teaching.

Canine Chiropractic and Acupuncture

Heather O’Leary DVM

You know your animals better than anyone. Let Dr. Heather help you nurture that connection.

Since your animal family members are special and unique, why would you want a generalized approach to their health care? You want the best for your pets and horses. Whatever you are curious about – a sudden injury, a frustrating chronic illness or lameness, or the proactive desire to maintain the vitality they currently enjoy – Dr. Heather can formulate a plan tailored to their specific needs. Acupuncture, chiropractic, and herbal medicine are only the beginning of the services offered.

Dr. Heather’s animals are as precious to her as yours are to you. With rare exception, every modality she offers has been tested successfully first on herself, then with her own family of humans and animals. Conventional medicine has an important role to play – but when she began integrating fresh foods, herbal medicines, acupuncture, and manual therapy into their daily routine, she found not only improved quality of life for herself and her animals, but vitality and longevity she hadn’t thought possible. Each customized care plan is results-driven with two main goals: increase the quality of life for your pet, with longevity in mind, and foster the loving connection between caretaker and animal.

Proven therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, cold laser, ozone, and BEMER therapy are combined to address your animal’s unique symptoms and needs. You can expect to be given homework so you can continue the improvements we make during office visits. Dr. Heather is up to date on conventional medical therapies so she can help you decide the best route to wellness, communicating with your veterinary team to keep us all working towards the same goal.


Occasionally, animal patients are able to relax so deeply during their session that they fall asleep.

Canine Massage

Kelly-Rose Gibbons

Canine massage is a therapeutic discipline that involves directly working with all of the soft tissues of a dog’s body in order to assist the dog in achieving relief from a variety of physical and emotional challenges, including muscular soreness, chronic stress, and more.

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