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Dream Dogs Training Center offers many levels of Agility, Obedience, Rally, Scent Work, and more classes. Below is our current class schedule, with classes starting 3/27/2023/.

Please bare with us as we are getting online payment registration up and running.

Classes are 1 hour long unless otherwise specified. All DDTC policies are in effect at all times.

All classes will run weekly for 6 week sessions unless noted differently in the class description. All classes are limited to 6 teams (unless noted otherwise)

Prices will vary depending on class length and content.

Classes in the Annex

the small training room

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5-6pm  Intermediate/ Masters Rally w/ Nancy Banask  (classes begin 4/3/2023)   $180 / 6 wks.
6:15-7:15pm  Intro to Scent Work w/ Jessica Dinowitz  (begins 3/27/2023)  $180 / 6 wks.
7:15pm-8:15pm  Scent Work – Advanced level w/ Jessica Dinowitz (begins 3/27/2023)  $180 / 6 wks.


10am-11am   Performance Puppy Foundations (10 weeks- 6mos.) w/ Judi Schachte  (sessions start 3/28/2023   $180 / 6 wks.
Tuesday Evening classes for Obedience with Jill Conroy will be announced soon!


All sessions begin on 3/27/2023

9-10am  Obedience w/ Hilda   $160 / 6 wks.
10-11am  Rally w/ Hilda   $160 / 6 wks.
11am-12n    Star Puppy & CGC w/ Hilda $180 / 6 wks.
6-7pm Breed Handling w/ Joyce Adams-Taylor (these classes will begin 4/26)  $160 / 6 wks.


3-4pm  Obedience w/ Nancy Banask  (beginning 4/3/2023)  $180 / 6 wks.
4-5pm  Obedience w/ Nancy Banask   (beginning 4/3/2023)  $180 / 6 wks.


(weekend class schedules are subject to change to accommodate agility events)  Sessions begin 4/1/2023

10am-11am  Puppy Drop Ins w. Benah Stiewing  (limited to 8 dogs, pre-registration required)  $30/ class
11:30am – 12:30pm Basic Manners w/ Benah Stiewing  (6 week sessions  limited to 6 puppies 12wks-6 months)  $180 / 6 wks.



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5pm-6:00pm  Master Handling w/ Samantha Almeida  Sessions to begin 3/27/23   6 weeks/$190

6:15pm-7:15pm  Early Sequencing w/ Samantha Almeida  Sessions begin 3/27/23   6 weeks/$190                * students must complete foundation classes before eligible for any early or advanced coursework.

7:30pm-8:30pm Master skills w/ Samantha Almedia   classes begin 3/27/23     6 weeks/$190


1pm-2pm  Master Agility w/ Lavonda Herring  sessions begin 4/4/2023   6 weeks/$190

2pm-3pm  Early Foundations for competition agility w/ Lavonda Herring  begins 4/4 6 wks/$190

3-4 pm  Master Agility w. Lavonda Herring  sessions begin 4/4/23  6 wks/$190

5-6 pm  Agility Basics with Hilda K   sessions beginning 3/28/2023   6wks/$180

6:15-7:15pm  Intro to Agility for all w/ Benah Stiewing  sessions begin 3/28/2023 6 wks/$180


9:30-10:30 am:  Handling and Sequencing with Samantha Almeida  classes begin 3/29/2023  6wks/$190

11am-12pm  Master Coursework with Samantha Almeida  classes begin 3/29/2023  6wks/$190

Coming in May:

Master Agility Classes with Alex Bradley beginning week of 5/1/2023  offering 2 classes which will start at 6pm.  More details will follow.

Check Back here or on Social Media for information on Pop Up Workshops and other fun events.  We will also be adding Canine Good Citizen and AKC Star Puppy classes to our roster very soon. 

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